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This page focuses on UK Theatre Sound practise. The job roles vary considerably from country to country, and between theatre and other media like film, TV, radio, and game audio.

Find out about Sound for Theatre

Books and magazines

The Theatre Sound and QLab forums are useful to lurk in, and to ask questions. 

And of course, there’s lots here on the ASD website. Check out back issues of The Echo magazine, subscribe to The Herald monthly e-newsletter, over 60 seminars (watch 5 of them free here), plus an active forum and private Facebook group

 Theatre Sound Software - Free, Cheap or Trial


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90 day trial

Ableton Live

90 day trial

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

                                         Stage Sight

                                    Backstage Niche

Additional books and magazines will be added here

Interviews with UK sound designers

These interviews require a Digital Theatre Plus subscription: Paul ArdittiAndrea J. CoxGareth FryJohn LeonardMic Pool

Interviews with US sound designers


The Theatre Sound Designers and Composers Association (TSDCA) have lots of information on their website about theatre sound design and practise in the USA, videos, information about US job roles, sound documentation recommended practise and a resources page

Software, hardware and sound effects

Sound designer’s kit /  for a limited budget
A list of software, hardware and other resources that designers might use to record, edit, compose and mix sounds to form part of a sound design. 

Commonly used theatre equipment
A list of software and hardware that is often specified by UK designers to be installed into a theatre.


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