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Sound Designer & Music

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London / Oxfordshire
United Kingdom

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  • Associate Sound Designer (With 5-25 Professional Credits)
  • Composer (With 0-4 Professional Credits)
  • Fitup/Strike Crew (With 5-25 Professional Credits)
  • Production Sound Engineer (With 0-4 Professional Credits)
  • Sound Designer (With 5-25 Professional Credits)
  • Sound Operator (With 0-4 Professional Credits)
  • Sound Technician (With 5-25 Professional Credits)
What I'm working on at the moment
'Michael Kohlhaas' - berlin Shaubühne (associate sound design with Ben Grant) [Dir- Simon McBurney & Annabell Arden]
Based in London and Oxfordshire, I am a sound designer and emerging composer working mostly in theatre & independent film.
I am passionate about creating music and often weave this into my sound design work.

As well as playing live, I often enjoy writing songs and collaborating with others

In addition to sound design and music, I work as a freelance sound technician.
Audio Portfolio (SoundCloud link)
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  • Theatre
  • Composition
  • Venue Staff