ASD Educators Meeting

  • 12 Apr 2021
  • 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • Zoom

THIRD meeting of the Association of Sound Designers Education Working Group. 

Monday 12th  April 2021

2PM - 4:00PM

Following on from its formation this meeting follows on from those as part of the quarterly meetings to be held by the Educators Working Group.

If you wish to join this meeting please email us:

*Please note this is not available to Future Professional Members

In the intitial meeting we started an educators mailing list within The ASD.

This is open to all educators and corporate members whether full-time, hourly paid or through self employed engagement on specific topics.  

To join this list please email us from the email address you wish to be added. 


We feel there is an opportunity to connect and collaborate between educators  whilst still retaining an institutions individual offer.

It is suggested it might be good to come together as a group of educators to explore this for the benefit of the Education sector and Theatre Sound more widely.

This could include considerations such as:

  • Joint training offered by manufacturers.
  • Supporting freelancers to make digital training content with cojoined commissions from institutions.
  • Opportunity for early networking of future professionals
  • Sharing of the sector and practice amongst educators
  • Increasing representation in the industry, raising the profile of training in this sector and ultimately connecting schools and colleges more readily to the next stage of education to increase all our intakes and interest in the subject and industry as a whole.

It also offers networking possibilities and the ability for peer connections betweens institutions and potentially even have some physical sharing of equipment, space and teaching.

We think there is much here to be explored and benefited from here as both an Education and Theatre sector and are putting together this initial digital meeting to discuss this possibility.

This meeting is open to all educators although these initial discussions will focus on the HE sector with the intention of expanding outwards.

Registration is not limited to ASD membership.

We hope to see you all there.


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