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Sound designer

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United Kingdom

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  • Associate Sound Designer (With 5-25 Professional Credits)
  • Composer (With 5-25 Professional Credits)
  • Dep (With 0-4 Professional Credits)
  • Fitup/Strike Crew (With over 25 Professional Credits)
  • No.1 (With 0-4 Professional Credits)
  • No.2 (With 0-4 Professional Credits)
  • Production Sound Engineer (With 5-25 Professional Credits)
  • Sound Designer (With 5-25 Professional Credits)
  • Sound Operator (With over 25 Professional Credits)
  • Sound Technician (With over 25 Professional Credits)
What I'm working on at the moment
Head Of Sound | The Vault Festival 2017 | The Vaults

Sound Designer | DNA | Ambassador's Theatre

Sound Designer | Fear at Avon Valley
I specialise as a sound designer for immersive theatre.

Notable recent work includes:

Sound Design
The Grey man | Theatre 503 | Rend Productions
This Is Living | Trafalgar Studios | PW Productions
Goosebumps Alive & Kids | The Vaults
Houdini UK Tour| Theatre Giant

Waterstones Rigger Mortis Book Launch Installation/Production Engineer, Cornetto Cupidity Films and show/ Production Engineer & Dubbing Mixer
Audio Portfolio (SoundCloud link)
Areas you work in:
  • Theatre
  • Composition
  • Sound Effects Production
  • Radio
  • Game audio
  • Live Music
  • Installed Sound
  • Corporate Events
  • Exhibitions (Trade Shows)
  • Exhibitions (Galleries)
  • Education
  • Project Manager
  • Technical Support
Special services offered:

Production Engineering

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