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Musician / Sound Designer

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United Kingdom

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  • Composer (With 5-25 Professional Credits)
  • Dep (With 5-25 Professional Credits)
  • Fitup/Strike Crew (With 5-25 Professional Credits)
  • Production Sound Engineer (With 5-25 Professional Credits)
  • Show Control Programmer (With 5-25 Professional Credits)
  • Sound Designer (With 5-25 Professional Credits)
  • Sound Operator (With 5-25 Professional Credits)
  • Sound Technician (With 5-25 Professional Credits)
What I'm working on at the moment
RSC Tour (Guitar) UK - USA - Asia 2020
Regular musician in the Royal Shakespeare Company band both in the UK and internationally.

Musician, sound designer, composer and collaborator with UK independent theatre companies.

Sound designer and mentor in technical theatre education (Royal Birmingham Conservatoire; Royal Central School of Speech and Drama).

Freelance music producer, mix engineer, mastering engineer, audio editor etc.

Live sound engineer, production sound, etc.
Areas you work in:
  • Theatre
  • Composition
  • Arranging
  • Studio Music Producer
  • Studio Recording Engineer
  • Live Music
  • Education

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